Yes, that is my family – well, most of them.  From time to time I get asked, “All they all yours.”  

I usually say, “Well most of them, I left the ugly ones at home.”

Some people have told me I am quiet and don’t talk much.  But, when it comes to paint, I just can’t contain myself – so I started this blog to keep from talking everyone’s ears off!  I try to write about the questions I get the most so you can find answers while your in your pajamas relaxing at home.  Feel free to call me anytime, I am always willing to tell you about anything I know about paint.  In the meantime, you might be able to find in here.  If you have ideas for me to write about, feel free to email them to

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Why you should want to have a career in the painting industry.

Why you should want to have a career in the painting industry.

In the last few years, Americans have taken a deep look into our own lives and the value of our history, our religion, ourselves really. Some things became increasingly clear to many of us. We value our families, our country and what it means to us, our history, our future, and probably most pointedly, our work. As many had the threat looming over their heads for over a year of loosing their work for an indefinite period of time, I heard so many concerns that focused less on livelihood and...

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